Practical, durable, hygenic, easy to clean and with a range of stunning colours and designs suitable for every room in the house.

Cushionflor Ultima

The ultimate in cushioned vinyl, with a 10 year guarantee Cushionflor Ultima can withstand the toughest of treatment whilst still looking good. The added protection of Nairnguard wear layer makes it easier to clean and more scuff and stain resistant.

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Cushionflor Super Luxury

Cushionflor Super Luxury is an extra thick cushioned vinyl. Making it extremly comfortable underfoot.

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Cushionflor Super Wood

Cushionflor Super Wood has the apperance of wood flooring with all the benefits of a vinyl.

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Cushionflor Super Gloss

Cushionflor Super Gloss gives the apperance of a highly polished floor adding warmth and sophistication.

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Cushionflor Deluxe

Cushionflor Deluxe is designed for optimum cushioning and comfort whilst retaining the added reassurance of a five year guarantee, ensuring that the floor will maintain it's visual appeal.

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Cushionflor Elite

Cushionflor Elite has a strong range of designs and colours focusing on blues, greens and beiges.As well as its obvious appeal, it has more discreet benefits, particularly for those with asthma or respiratory complaints, as Cushionflor does not harbour dust mites and provides a smooth, non porous and hygienic surface for all the family.

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Cushionflor Classic

Cushionflor Classic is available in 30 colours making an ideal choice for any room in the house. It is particually suitable for nursuries and childrens bedrooms.

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Product information

Cushionflor Ultima 12 3/4m 2.5mm 0.30mm wearlayer with NAIRNGUARD 10 years
Cushionflor Super Luxury 12 3/4m 4.0mm 0.30mm 5 Year
Cushionflor Superwood 12 3/4m 2.5mm 0.33mm 7 Year
Cushionflor Super Gloss 12 3/4m 2.0mm 0.20mm 5 Year
Cushionflor Deluxe 12 2/3/4m 2.5mm 0.20mm wearlayer 5 years
Cushionflor Elite 12 2/3/4m 1.8mm 0.20mm wearlayer 5 years
Cushionflor Classic 30 2/3/4m 1.4mm 0.15mm wearlayer

5 years